Wyndmoor Hills is owned and operated by Skyline Healthcare, a healthcare management firm comprised of experts in myriad health- and finance-related fields. Sky Line’s management team has serviced the healthcare industry for close to two decades and possesses a unique handle on the diverse needs of their facilities’ employees, residents and families.
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As an exclusively Post Acute Care facility, Wyndmoor Hills provides the short-term patient with many advantages over a traditional long-term care and nursing center. Centrally located in close proximity to many area hospitals, we are the premier option for individuals following an acute care hospital stay.

Our dedicated focus on rehab ensures an unmatched level of aggressive therapies in a positive and upbeat setting. Rehabilitation is delivered 7 days a week and we offer specialized programs for individuals recovering from joint replacement surgery, fractures, stroke, COPD, congestive heart failure and other heart conditions. In addition we provide Hydro Therapy, a specialized aquatic program used to treat individuals with severe wounds or loose skin.

Our facility boasts only private suites guaranteeing patients their privacy and ensuring optimal comfort. Gourmet meals, prepared with the supervision of our in-house dietitian, can be taken in one’s room or in the main dining room.

Our dedicated staff members are noted for their compassion and attentive care. They are here to assist you along every step of the recovery process, and they do so with a smile.

Wyndmoor Hills has always been a vibrant part of Montgomery County’s rich heritage, and is proud to be an energetic and modern presence in the community today.